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Tom Fitton’s Clean House: Exposing Our Government’s Secrets and Lies (Threshold Editions, 2016)

Compelling expose of Hillary and Obama scandals.

Tom Fitton’s analysis of the numerous Hillary and Obama scandals which continue to plague the country makes compelling reading.  Confused about media coverage of their scandals?  Read his book instead for a lucid summary of major events over the eight years of the Obama White House.

Speaking about the lack of transparency on numerous conflicts created by the former president, Fitton writes, “If the Obama administration truly had nothing to hide, it would not have gone to such extraordinary lengths to keep information on what it was doing and its internal machinations from the public” (9).

Chapter four on voter fraud was especially compelling, particularly the hostile tactics of the New Black Panther Party in its attempts to suppress the white vote (120ff).

Regarding photo IDs needed for voting, Fitton declares that “There is simply no evidence to support the contention that the requirement to show a photo ID (which are provided for free in every state with such a requirement) discourages legitimate voters from voting” (123).

How Obama stole the 2008 election can be surmised from Fitton’s commentary from page 133 on.  Also, how was it possible that Obama released 36,000 criminal aliens into the country instead of deporting them?  Fitton’s analysis of Obama’s dereliction of duty as commander in chief and upholder of law is frightening (183ff).  Even more dangerous is Obama’s inaction regarding the creation of ISIS terror cells on US soil (192ff).

Not all is doom and gloom.  Fitton praises the investigative journalism of CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson (109ff).  As an Ohioan, I am particularly proud of Secretary of State Jon Husted, who worked with Judicial Watch and cleaned up the mess created and ignored by the previous secretary of state, Democrat Jennifer Brunner (128).

Readers will find some familiar names mentioned in Fitton’s study: Robert Mueller (208ff) and James Comey (236).  No wonder President Trump still has to deal with these people; they have been entrenched in Deep State self-preservation tactics for years.

A helpful appendix shows redacted emails from the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, where she targeted, no doubt with Obama’s approval, conservative political action groups.  Pages of notes and an ample index make research easy, especially for students.

Fitton’s summary was so impressive that I donated to Judicial Watch, liked its Facebook page, and subscribed to the group’s YouTube channel.  You will find this book so interesting that you will do the same.

Finally, given the scandals that Democrats continue to create and the stonewalling tactics which they use in their resistance to cleaning up Washington, Fitton will have much more to write about in subsequent years.

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