Current Research

The following are two current research projects I am working on. If you would like to contribute information to either of these projects, please contact me.

I. Right-to-Life Literary Theory

This book-length project (currently 81,000 words in 201 single-spaced pages) develops the following five questions as ways to interpret and appreciate literature from a life-affirming, pro-life perspective:

A. Does the literary work support the perspective that human life is, in the philosophical sense, a good, some “thing” which is priceless?

B. Does the literary work respect the individual as a being with inherent rights, the paramount one being the right to life?

C. If the literary work covers the actions of a family, does it do so respecting heterosexual normativity and the integrity of the family?

D. Does the literary work comport with the view that unborn, newborn, and mature human life has an inherent right to exist?

E. When they are faced with their mortality, do the characters come to a realization that there is a divine presence in the world which justifies a life-affirming perspective?

II. Contemporary fiction by twenty-first century pro-life authors on the right-to-life issues of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. The resulting paper and PowerPoint will be designed for academic conferences in June and October 2024.