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Brett Attebery’s Your Pro-Life Bottom Line (2022)

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Slightly repetitious, Attebery’s work presents solid ideas on how pro-life crisis pregnancy support centers in the Dobbs era of pro-life activism should adopt business principles to protect women from the Planned Parenthood abortion company.

Pressed for time?  Then every pro-life activist should read pages 14-17 for a glossary of business terms which pertain to pro-life activism.  Similarly, reading the executive summaries (called the “Bottom Line” of each chapter) on pages 26-34 would be sufficient to understand Attebery’s thesis (that pro-life pregnancy support centers should be run as businesses to achieve more success against abortion businesses such as Planned Parenthood).

Reading the entire book, however, will elaborate the executive summaries in a colloquial manner.

Pro-lifers can object to his claim that crisis pregnancy centers should receive more funding than legacy pro-life organizations which work for changing laws and electing pro-life candidates.  Instead of shifting such funding in an either/or dichotomy, pro-lifers should increase funding using a both/and philosophy.  However, Attebery’s book was written before the fall of Roe v. Wade, so he may not have been aware at the time of writing of the continuing need to financially support the supply side of the abortion/pro-life war as well as the demand side.

Since Amazon collaborates with cancel culture zealots and bans conservative and pro-life material, purchase this book from the other source listed on Attebery’s website: