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Candace Owens’ Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation (Threshold Editions, 2020)

Cogently argued; offers irrefutable reasons why African Americans should vote only for Republicans.

Candace Owens shocks leftists by being an African-American conservative Trump supporter.  The rest of us know she’s simply another sane person.  Reading her book, therefore, will infuriate politicians in the useless and lawless Democratic Party which uses Antifa domestic terrorists to try to suppress the Republican vote.  However, it will reaffirm the commonsense beliefs of the rest of us Americans.  For example (page numbers provided for those students who will use her book in research papers):

Owens argues how, after President Johnson’s Great Society catastrophe, blacks descended into poverty (6-7).

She writes about the “domestic terrorism of Democrat KKK Klansmen” (16).

She blasts “media talking points to further a political agenda” (30).

She describes how she rejected the “victim mentality” (34).

She offers a passionate defense of the “right to life” (37).

She notes that, “although leftists dominate the TV market, conservatives are winning the internet” (42).

She discusses the statistic of 75% of black families being without fathers (46).

She notes that Margaret Sanger, founder of the abortion business Planned Parenthood, was a eugenicist (59).

She calls “Mississippi appendectomies” what they really were, forced sterilizations of black women (61).

She comments on the high black abortion rate (61).

She determines that Black Lives Matter supports abortion and does not care about the black abortion rate (63).

She criticizes modern feminism, now repackaged as “intersectional feminism”, as nothing like the feminism of the Founding Mothers (66).

She argues that “modern feminists are drawing upon the most ancient of southern racist tactics[;] ’Believe women’ vs. ‘black men’” (74).

She criticizes blacks who choose segregation (89).

She comments on liberals’ false charity (103).

She identifies abortion as an indicator of the liberal distortion of reality (108).

She demonstrates the disastrous effects of FDR’s New Deal on black wages (111).

She trenchantly observes, “Black America will never become prosperous via welfare and government handouts; if it were possible, it would have already happened” (126).

She argues that “Conservatives believe neither in white power nor black inferiority” (132).

She shows how affirmative action causes discrimination (134).

She claims that Democrats fear when blacks are educated (147).

She comments on black and white disparities in education (151).

She discusses Bill Clinton, Epstein, and pedophiles (154).

She destroys the distortion that blacks are killed by police (168).

She suggests that “Leftists need to believe that success is evil” (184).

She praises Tyler Perry’s success (189).

She shares her shame over an episode of fornication (190).

She writes the uncomfortable truth that blacks “commit a disproportionate number of crimes” (192).

She praises black faith (219-20).

She bemoans how black culture has devolved (223).

She discusses Biden’s “you ain’t black” fiasco (225).

She claims that Democrats think blacks are stupid (227).

She contrasts the criminal George Floyd against the hero David Dorn (233).

She discusses social media and youth (242).

She identifies the horrors of Aztec cannibalism and how European whites stopped it (247).

She comments on the Back to Africa movement (250).

She states that “Black victimhood is profitable” (253).

She excoriates left-wing journalism (265).

She documents how Chris Cuomo defended Antifa domestic terrorism (267).

She claims that no one else but Trump could work as president (273).

She concludes by affirming that she is a fighter (283-4).

What do all these one-line notes of the above huge litany indicate?  Two things.  First, not only adult voters, but also high school and college students will appreciate Owens’ wide range of commentary on current topics.  Second, since Owens offers such excellent content and commentary, instead of writing down notes or trying to transcribe them into one’s computer as I did, just buy the book.  You know your money will go to a solid pro-life conservative activist.

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